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Model B Duplex

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Model B Duplex is one of our custom homes built with efficiency and speed, so that you can begin to live the life that you have always wanted to live. All models are designed to fit nicely on 50’x 140’ lots, which is a stand size lot in Miami. Additionally, all models are completely made out of concrete, for more durability and less maintenance.

Model B Duplex offers residents the following:

  • 3 Bedrooms
  • 2 Bathrooms
  • 12’ Ceilings
  • 9’ Ceilings in bedrooms
  • Natural light enhancing construction

Model B Duplex Floor Plans


Quality & Speed

Urbany Infill builds homes with the utmost efficient speed with high-quality materials.

  • Quality Materials

    All models is completely made out of Concrete, offering greater durability, at a cheaper cost.

  • Built under 90 Days

    We use innovative construction techniques to swiftly build each Urbany Infill model.

  • More Energy Efficient

    Due to the materials we use when building our homes, we are able to provide you With greater energy efficiency home.

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  2. Contractor shall verify all dimensions and site conditions before proceeding with work, if any discrepancies, error or omissions should be encountered on pans, contractor shall notify the Architect before any part of the work is started, so that proper corrections are made. If Architect is not notified prior to commencing of the work, the contractor shall bear full responsibility for any discrepancies, errors or omissions.
  3. Emmedue Wall, floor and roof system approved number ESR-2037